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Fundacja Republikańska

Within the framework of the “Underneath” series, we organized meetings dedicated to: civilization, ideas and culture, so to issues shaping the system of values and the understanding of politics. Though at the same time, given their metaphysical character, they aren’t influenced by current politics.

Within the bounds of the series we foresee roundtable discussions, debates with invited guests-experts, lectures and film screenings. So far the following meetings have taken place:

  1. Wrongly Modern Art
  2. From Giggling to Hate
  3. David vs. Goliath – Wildstein on Kurdistan
  4. The Kremlin’s Information War: Przełomiec, Żochowski
  5. Globalization a death sentence for the free market? – Wróblewski, Knaflewski
  6. Access to firearms: Right or Privilege? Plach, Szadkowski
  7. First Ukraine. Polish Eastern Policy 1989-2015 – Żurawski vel Grajewski, Maciążek, Szeligowski
  8. Why Doesn’t Piketty Like the Rich? On Fighting Inequality – Gwiazdowski, Szarfenberg, Abramowicz
  9. The Economy of the Common Good. What Kind of Capitalism do Poles Need? – Zięba, Hardt, Dietl
  10. Conspiracy Theories as a Disinformation Tool – Jakóbik, Marcinkowska, Tarkowski
  11. The Romanian Breakthrough – Great Reforms and Great Crisis – Burakowsk, Torz
  12. Behind the Psychological Scenes of Power + Social Engineering in Practice. Prelekcja Artura Pawłowskiego
  13. Childhood in the 21st Century – Chmielecka, Sobczak, Wysocki
  14. Investigative or Blind Commissions? – Młynarska-Sobaczewska, Rzymkowski
  15. The Political System of Warsaw. What it is and how it should be – Orzeł, Ozdoba, Szatkowska
  16. The Roots of German Success in Asia – Paweł Behrendt
  17. The Re-privatization Scandal – Paweł Lisiecki
  18. The Muslim March through the Institutions – Islamic Parties in Europe – Aleksandra Rybińska
  19. How Should the International Perception of Poland be Formed? – Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, prof. Andrzej Zybertowicz
  20. The Day of the Rope – What Will Happen in the Absence of Law? – Jacek Piekara, Piotr Gociek
  21. Gas Stations – Critical Infrastructure? Radosław Żydok, Arkadiusz Kamiński, Wojciech Płachetka. 
  22. “Pornography and Demographics” – Janusz Wardak, Mikołaj Sowiński
  23. A Discussion on the Occasion of the Publication of Issue 32 of Common Affairs – Piotr Legutko, Aleksandra Rybińska, Mariusz Staniszewski
  24. 33 numer kwartalnika Rzeczy Wspólne, dyskusja w gronie autorów – Piotr Legutko, Marek Wróbel, Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski


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