Evaluating the influence of the foreign investor


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Evaluating the Influence of the Foreign Investor (OWIZ) is an analysis of the influence that the foreign investor has on the Polish economy and society. The finale of the process of evaluation is the receipt by the investor of a certificate along with information on the number of points obtained in each of the four categories examined.

One of the most important elements of the Evaluating the Influence of the Foreign Investor on the economy of the country in which he is conducting business, is the degree to which he is tied to local entrepreneurs, the durability of his presence expressed in the volume of capital invested and the existence of service centers. A good foreign investor is one who has long-term plans to be in the host country. Rootedness and honesty towards Polish partners becomes sought-after and valued by state institutions, which is confirmed, among other things, in governmental strategies and the activities of agencies involved with attracting foreign investments.

Obtaining the OWIZ certificate is a confirmation of the positive influence that a foreign investor has on the Polish economy, gives credence in negotiations with the central and local administration and is a tool to grow trust among local business partners and clients. 

The certification process establishes an analysis of the influence of the investor in four areas, i.e. “rootedness and the economy,” “innovation,” human capital,” and “environmental protection and local society.”

The main website of the project:  http://owiz.org/


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